Thunderclap Begins

24th October, 2014 — Laura Kalbag

days to freedom.

Join our Thunderclap!

Lend us your voice on November 8.

“Google and Facebook spy on you. Help us create alternatives that don’t. #iamindie”

Lend us your voice! Send a simple message from your spyware* accounts on November 8, 2014 to support our launch. With your help, we can develop independent alternatives so you won’t need spyware accounts in the future.

* Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr.

How does Thunderclap work?

Thunderclap is a ‘crowd-speaking’ platform. When enough supporters sign up, Thunderclap will post a pre-approved post on their Twitter, Facebook and/or Tumblr feeds on the appointed date (in our case, the 8th of November, 2014).