2nd January, 2015 — Aral Balkan

2014 was a huge year for us.

Over 1,500 of you showed your support for independent technology and helped us to raise more than $110,000 in crowdfunding.

Thanks to your support, we are now four full time people at and our extended family continues to grow.

All my effort is currently focussed on coding Heartbeat and Waystone for the pre-alpha that is scheduled to begin this month, so I must apologise if I’m hard to reach or slow to respond to private correspondence this month. George is supporting me on the Pulse side of things, while Laura has been doing some amazing work on our website that you’ll be hearing about soon. Alongside all this, Jo, our head of operations, keeps running from one day to the next (and if you have any pressing questions or need to reach someone urgently, she’s your best bet.)

We’re hugely excited for 2015.

This is the year that we plant the seeds of the Indienet.

It’s early days and yet, with your support, we’re making a beginning.

Here’s to making 2015 a happier new year together.