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Owning your moments



OK, thanks. Thank you. I'm George Kontesidou and I'm representing Momentum. Momentum is a collective effort by a tiny team of independent volunteer engineers and designers and what this project is about, it's about giving people the power to own their moments. Because a big chunk of the data we're sharing on the internet today is our personal moments, and some are more important than others, but moments define who we are and those really special ones that you want to keep for life can be easily found within our minds, but in our digital life we cannot find them with such great ease, because there we're constantly urged to share our life experiences in such pace that the really important stuff gets under the pile of the not so important trivial spammy perpetual updates.

More importantly though, how do we know what happens to our moments in twenty years from now. So we thought of four questions that one should ask themselves in order to determine whether they really own their moments. The four questions that matter.

Question number one: can you easily go back to that special moment you would like to preserve for life. Owning your moments is not only about the legal and the technical aspect, but it's also about being able to find what you own and easily access it.

Question number two: can we keep these moments private and secure. That's easy: you don't want to be spied on.

Question number three: can you trust that your moments will be there in twenty years' time. This is not only about here and now; it's also about long term access to your moments and having your moments available for the future generations, for your children and grandchildren.

Finally, a more philosophical question, but we think it's important, because we come from Greece and we invented philosophy. No, I'm kidding, I'm kidding. Do your moments define you. Are the moments you're sharing on the internet today, on the social media, a genuine representation of yourself, or are they, you know, just a manifestation or partly a manifestation of sharing application frenzy, sharing frenzy application patterns that are driven by the data mining business models. Now, we think that if you've answered no to any of those questions, then you don't really own the moments you share on the internet.

We need more human-centric, human-scale applications that don't reduce us to data generating, ad clicking bots; we need applications that give us the power to own our life moments. And Momentum is that. Momentum is an application that gives power to the users to share, cherish and preserve the truly important moments in a way that is fun, intuitive and absolutely private for life.

It's a peer-to-peer archiving and social networking app and it's powered by the people you trust. There are no servers that are used to store your data; no data in the cloud. Let your friends be your cloud.

It combines three actions that are organically linked together in the real world. You create your moments, you share them with the people you trust, and you preserve them for life. It will be open and it will be free for open platforms and Indie Phone, but because we want to act now, we'll also have it available for all the closed parent platforms.

We will be releasing an Alpha version in October 2014 and if you like it that much, you can back us in our crowd fundraising campaign that will launch after that.

So, help us build Momentum; let us know that you're interested in the project by signing up on our website; follow us in Twitter and give us feedback. We have a blog on Medium. We'd love to shape this product together.

And finally, spread the word. Let people know that something is changing and if not by us, by some of these great initiatives that we've seen and we're going to see during this summit.

Thank you.