Excuse Me, Your Unicorn Keeps Shitting In My Back Yard, Can He Please Not?

Aral at Doku:Tech in Kosovo. August 2016.

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Beyond The Clouds

Aral at See Conference in Wiesbaden. April 2016.

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Ethical Design and Democracy

Aral at ‘Power To The People’ at De Balie in Amsterdam. January 2016.

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The Nature of The Self in the Digital Age

When Aral was on BBC World Service: World Have Your Say, speaking about Apple, FBI & Encryption, the BBC made this short video. February 2016.

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Internet As A Commons

Aral at the “Internet As A Commons” conference at the European Parliament. Brussels, Belgium. October 2015.

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Decentralise Everything

Aral at The Conference, Malmö, Sweden. August 2015.

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Indie Design

Laura at WordCamp UK, London, UK. March 2015.

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The Camera Panopticon

Aral at The Big Brother Awards in Amsterdam, Netherlands. November 2014.

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Superheroes & Villains in Design

Aral at Thinking Digital in Newcastle, UK. May 2013.

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