Laura and Aral are available for talks at conferences and private events on the topics of privacy, ethical design, and accessibility in technology. is currently supported by bootstrapping and crowdfunding. We take on some speaking gigs to help us fund Please note that we can’t afford to accept unpaid speaking engagements. All fees from event appearances go towards funding

About Aral

Aral is a designer, coder, and human rights activist. He’s the founder and lead designer of, and has spoken at over 75 events in 18 countries.

Aral’s keynotes are inspirational explorations of the topics of his everyday work. They combine lighthearted critiques of surveillance capitalism with inspirational introductions to ethical design.

Aral speaking at re:publica in 2015
Photo by re:publica/Gregor Fischer (CC BY 2.0)

Testimonials for Aral’s latest talk

“@aral Haven’t experienced that amount of passion/drive at Slagthuset since I saw Public Enemy perform here in 91 #theconf” — Jonas Lidman

“Fascinating talk from @aral at @TheConfMalmo this morning on ethical design in technology. Highly recommend.” — Leonora Oppenheim

“FUCKSHITFUCK!! @aral's #theconf keynote on privacy, privilege & web is so fucking good” – Tricia Wang

About Laura

Laura is a designer and web developer who focuses on privacy, accessibility, and diversity. She helped found, and has spoken at over 35 events in 9 countries.

Laura’s talks are easy-to-understand introductions to privacy, ethical design, and accessibility.

Laura speaking on stage at 24devs in 2014
Photo by Alex Jegtnes

Testimonials for Laura’s talks

“Incredibly thought provoking, entertaining, and enlightening talk from @laurakalbag around ethical design, and data collection. #dibi2017” – Luke Blacklock

“@laurakalbag's talk beats every single ethical design talk I've ever seen #dibi2017” – Christian Vasile

“What an awesome mind blowing keynote talk on privacy and ethical design by @laurakalbag, definitely worthy the #wcldn ticket on its own.” – Michael R. Lorek

Featured Talks

You Are The Product

Aral speaks about privacy and ethical design at See Conference in April 2016.

Superheroes & Villains in Design

Aral speaks about experience design at Thinking Digital in May 2013.

Great design should empower, amuse, and delight

Aral speaks about experience design at TED in July 2012.

Indie Design

Laura speaks about indie design at WordCamp London in March 2015.

Accessibility By Design

Laura speaks about accessibility at LXJS in October 2013.

To enquire about having Laura or Aral for your conference or event, please email Laura at