October Update: EU Parliament video & Knight News Challenge

12th October, 2015 — Laura Kalbag

Aral speaking at the European Parliament in front of an EU flag

Video: Aral speaks at the European Parliament

A couple of weeks ago, Aral spoke on a panel at the European Parliament on “Internet As A Commons: The Big Picture.” We’ve edited the event video so you can watch Aral’s introduction, closing, and panel questions.

You can also watch the full video on the Greens’ live event site.

Heartbeat in the Knight News Challenge

This year we’ve again entered into the Knight News Challenge. We didn’t win anything last year. This year, we’re hoping that with a tighter focus on Heartbeat we have a better chance at getting funds.

Please give us your “applause” and comments on our page. It’s not a popularity contest, so more applause doesn’t mean that we’re more likely to win funding. (Although applause will increase our visibility on their site.)

Leaving comments on what Heartbeat means to you can help Knight and their partners see the potential in our work. As you may know, we’re young, broke, and beautiful, so any funds at this point will help us get us to sustainability.

Further funding

We’re spending a lot of time looking at funding and sustainability, and have also added an option for people to donate recurring funds to us each month. These funds will help us keep the lights on, hire more developers, advocate at important events, and continue to work on Heartbeat. You can find out more on our funding page.

So far, the recurring donations of our current patrons almost cover our basic hosting bill every month. Thank you so much to all of you for supporting our work.