Nominate for the Nominet Trust 100

25th September, 2014 — Jo Porter and Laura Kalbag

Nominations for the Nominet Trust NT100 are open for one more day. The lovely folk at Creative Bloq highlighted as one of the most interesting contenders in their post, What's your favourite social tech project?

The Nominet Trust 100 celebrates the people and organisations who are using digital technology to change the world for the better, describing as “a genuine alternative to existing hardware, software and services whose business models rest on the assumption that it is acceptable to profit by mining your subscribers’ personal data.”

The Nominet Trust have highlighted with a ‘blue tile’, as a project “we are particularly inspired by”. The star badge on the project page signifies as ‘one to watch’ in a group of projects that are “inspiring for the possibilities that they offer and the significant potential that their approach creates for transforming social challenges.”

To show your support for, you can nominate us via the page on the Social Tech Guide or via Twitter, @socialtechguide, using the hashtag, #nt100. Nominations are open until 26th September. The results will be announced in December 2014.