July Update

3rd July, 2015 — Aral Balkan

There’s no Friday roundup this week as Laura and I are busy packing. As you may have heard, we’ve decided to leave the UK following the re-election of the Tories and David Cameron’s pledge to ask for backdoors in messaging applications, scrap the Human Rights act, and bring back the Snooper’s Charter.

Our contract at the place we were renting in Brighton was coming to an end, so we decided that instead of finding another place here, we’d declutter the best we could, put whatever stuff we had left in storage, and stay with family until we got the pre-alpha out. Then we can look into moving.

Currently, we are looking at Amsterdam as a possible final destination — we have friends there including the lovely folks at Waag Society, Fairphone, and Bits of Freedom, and feel that we would have the support we need for the transition.

Our move out date is the 4th and I plan to spend the rest of July in a shed coding to prepare the pre-alpha for release.

Next week, Laura will be back with her usual Friday round-up.