Introducing Pulse: Freedom in Sync

9th October, 2014 — Aral Balkan has a very simple goal: to create alternative technologies that protect our fundamental freedoms, human rights, and democracy.

To do this, we are creating a new platform where you, as an individual, have ownership and control of your tools and information.

Today, it’s my pleasure to introduce you to one of the core technologies of this platform and to welcome the community around it into the family. Pulse

Pulse (previously Syncthing) is a distributed file synchronisation engine built with simplicity and usability in mind. It was created by Jakob Borg and is currently being developed with the help of community contributors. uses Pulse as the core of Heartbeat. is taking on the stewardship of Pulse. It is our goal to help support it as it grows independently of Heartbeat. Pulse will remain a separate product. We will contribute resources to support continued work on the project. We will also help by working on the user experience of the product.

As part of the process, Pulse has also moved to a GNU GPLv3 (or later) license. This means that it is now impossible for anyone to close it off later. It is now free as in freedom.

Also, I’m hugely excited to announce that Jakob is joining the advisory committee. We have so much to learn from him and I greatly appreciate his friendship and support.

Jakob has written a post to introduce Pulse and I highly recommend that you read it. Just to make it clear, as Jakob states in his post: “No money has changed hands and there are no hidden agendas or benefits here.”

We are slowly transitioning the Syncthing website over to Both sites will remain up for this week and we plan on completing the transition of the site and forums next week.

I’m hugely excited to have Jakob on our advisory committee and to welcome Pulse into the family.

Here’s to the first concrete step towards freedom.

With love,