“Ind.ie is doing everything right — and refuses capital”

14th November, 2014 — Laura Kalbag

Coverage of Ind.ie in November 2014

Ind.ie is doing everything right - and refuses capital

(Indie gör allt rätt – och vägrar kapital.) A Swedish article in 8till5 about Ind.ie and why we won’t take venture capital.

Aral Balkan: Rainbow and kittens to spy on internet

(Aral Balkan: Arcoiris y gatitos para espiarte en internet.) What a title! A Spanish interview in Yorokobu with Aral about Ind.ie and the reasons we need alternatives to the technology that spies on you.

The Ind.ie Revolution: Aral Balkan's Dream for a Private, Independent Internet.

Paste Magazine talks about the issues with Spyware 2.0 and explains how we at Ind.ie are building the future with Heartbeat, Pulse, Waystone, and our crowdfunding.

Sam Hutchings' Thoughts On Ind.ie.

Sam Hutchings started out unsure about Ind.ie and our phone. After seeing Aral speak in Barcelona, and handling our phone prototype, he shares his positive thoughts on Ind.ie.

About A Minute - Introducing Ind.ie.

Earlier today I had fun speaking to Terence Eden about Ind.ie in 60 seconds on his new podcast, Just A Minute.

Battling the Datenkraken’s Business of Surveillance

A fantastic, in-depth article by our friend Rafael Laguna, CEO of Open-XChange, on Wired’s Innovation Insights.

Why people are giving Ind.ie money to think past the web

David Meyer on Gigaom takes a critical look at the Indienet and other companies with post-web aims. David explains the importance of user experience in competing with other spyware, and covers the Ind.ie crowdfunding and products.

Putting our money where our mouth is

Rafael Laguna, CEO of Open-XChange, explains why they supported us with $10,000 after a challenge for other supporters to get us to $65,000. Open-Xchange wants to encourage other individuals and companies that share similar ideals, to build an Internet that people can trust, together.