Aral joins DiEM25 Advisory Panel

24th May, 2017 — Laura Kalbag

Aral has been elected to the DiEM25 Advisory Panel. Alongside our friend, Renata Avila, Aral will help lead a new initiative to craft DiEM25’s 7th pillar: An Internet of People. The mission of the initiative is to start a Pan-European process, working together with members of the DiEM25 Network from across Europe, to draft a progressive tech policy for a democratic Europe.

You can read more about this initiative on Aral’s website, and find out more about the DiEM25 event in Berlin this Thursday, where Aral and Renata are leading a panel to introduce the core philosophy and goals of the 7th pillar and hold a roundtable discussion to solicit initial ideas and feedback from the DiEM network.

As ever, our work must span multiple areas to have the maximum possible impact in the now, the short term, and the long term. We are continuing to work on Better, and have the next step for a decentralised, interoperable, free and open Internet of People in our sights.

Keep in touch with us on the forum.