Adaptive Design on the website

24th October, 2014 — Laura Kalbag Summit website

The Summit web page was recently featured in an article on Digital Arts magazine. In ‘Adaptive design: what is it and why should I be using it?’, Craig Grannell explored why adaptive design is crucial for crafting a usable, accessible and future-proof web experience.

Craig spoke to a few designers and developers, including Aaron Gustafson, Kelly McCarthy, Brad Frost and me. I gave some insight into my ideas behind the design and the development of the Summit page, and how web fonts used with adaptive design were integral to the concept.

For, we wanted a site with impact that didn’t resemble standard conference fare. We aimed for a style reminiscent of historical bills of rights, but brought up to date and in keeping with our brand. With being a progressive company, it was important the site was accessible on as many platforms, connection types and viewport sizes as possible.

To read the whole case study and article, visit Adaptive design: what is it and why should I be using it? on Digital Arts.