Summit videos, and important dates

8th September, 2014 — Laura Kalbag.

Hey everyone,

Another few months have passed, and we wanted to catch you up on everything that's been happening at

A new domain!

What's “”, you wonder? It's our new domain name, and our all-encompassing name for the projects. You can find everything that was previously available on the site, and we'll be adding more information in the next few weeks.

Indie Tech Summit videos are all online

Aral speaking at the Indie Tech Summit

All the videos of the talks, panels and announcements are now available to watch at There's also a transcript of each video for those who prefer text.

Privacy Policy changes on the website

We promised we'd tell you when we made changes to our Privacy Policy. Yesterday I made the changes to let you know that we're now using Piwik analytics on the site to track the most popular pages, video views and work out where we can improve the site. I'm waiting for Piwik to fix a bug on their latest version, but when it's fixed, I will add a checkbox on the Privacy page so you can choose to opt out of our analytics tracking if you so wish.

Crowdfunding begins 8th November, 2014

Our crowdfunding date is now set as the 8th of November this year, and we'll remind you nearer the time. That's only 61 days away!

Before the crowdfunding comes the Thunderclap on the 24th October. Check out our Thunderclap page to find out more.

There's a lot more to share with you before November, so sign up for updates below to be the first to hear all about